Ancient Greek pottery

The masterpieces of ancient Greek potters are important archaeological artefacts.


The fastest track-based means of urban transport.

Edible frog

This animation demonstrates the anatomy of amphibians through the example of a common species of frogs.

Pteranodon longiceps

A prehistoric flying reptile, similar to birds. However, there is no direct evolutionary link between the two.

Amoeba proteus

Widespread heterotrophic unicellular organisms with constantly changing shapes


The most ancient group of animals, they live underwater, lack real tissues and body symmetry.


Jellyfish are free-swimming marine animals, a species of Cnidaria, the most ancient group of Eumetazoans.

Lute and hurdy gurdy

The earliest version of the lute appeared in ancient Mesopotamia.

The Battle of Jutland (1916)

The naval battle fought by the British Navy against the German Navy was the largest sea battle in World War I.

Freshwater pearl mussel

A species of mollusc widespread in freshwaters.

European honeybee

Honeybees produce a sweet and nutritious substance, honey.


This animation shows optical and radiotelescopes used in astronomical observation.


Observatories are often built at high elevations to minimise the effects of atmospheric turbulence

The evolution of data storage

The capacity of data storage devices have increased at an incredible rate during the past decades.

Optical instruments

A wide variety of optical instruments are in use today, ranging from microscopes to telescopes.

Desktop computer

This animation demonstrates the structure and most important peripherals of desktop computers.

Secondary structure of proteins

Polypeptide chains are composed of amino acids and can appear in alpha-helix or beta-sheet form.

Oil molecule

Triglycerides containing unsaturated fatty acids are liquid at room temperature.

Comparison of real fruits and pseudofruits

The pericarp of real fruits develops from the carpel, while the pericarp of pseudofruits develops from other parts of flowers.

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