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Smart fun physics

Fizika app for Windows

Play, make models, learn.

Fizika offers you an exciting user experience and the opportunity to play. You can learn while having fun and understand how the world around you works. You can also use the application on your smartphone or an interactive board in school.

Make models and examine them

Watch a mechanical process, make its model with a few clicks and play it on your device as many times as you wish. This way you can examine it, analyse how it works and understand its physical background.

Would you change anything? No problem!

You can modify the parameters and properties of objects also during experiments, which would be impossible in reality. This enables you to observe what happens when you change the initial conditions.

Graphs with a click

The easiest way to understand processes is to use well-made graphs. You can create graphs for analysing virtual experiments with a click, and use them to understand the physical phenomena and motion of objects.

You can measure anything at any time

You can simulate real-time processes with accurate and scaled drawings. Thus, by performing the experiment, you can see how parameters of movement change.

Create an online curriculum collection

Whether you are a teacher or a student, the collection of spectacular animations that match the curriculum will help you.

Share it with others

It may be your homework, but you can also consider it a computer game. By performing virtual experiments, you can definitely learn and ask more questions based on your experiences. You can share your results and questions with your teacher or classmates.

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