The mysterious Maya civilization

The mysterious Maya civilization

The Maya civilisation developed on the Yucatan peninsula, in Mesoamerica.


Author: Molnár László

Reviewer: Horváthné Kunstár Andrea, Szathmáry Tibor


maja, Yucatan Peninsula, Chichén Itzá, Hernán Cortés, Spanish conquerors, Dresden codex, calendar, Mexico, pyramid, Central America, Guatemala, Belize, colony of Spain, cenote, church, base 20 numeral system, Casualties, astronomy, Maya codexes, Toltec, indigenous people, religion, conquistador, sinkhole, deities, polytheist religion, America, colony, victim, limestone, city, palace, hieroglyphic writing, medicine, mathematics, art, pre-Columbian, ruler, god king, hierarchy, history, civilisation, culture, society

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