How's the weather?

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.


Author: Jóri Johanna, Kissné Gera Ágnes, Vízvári Albertné



weather, weather conditions, wind, precipitation, formation of precipitation, water cycle, rain, rainstorm, hail, snow, Dew, Frost, rime ice, fog, cloud, flow of air, solar radiation, water vapour, cloud formation, warming, ground surface, water, air, sea, warm air, cold air, dry land, wind direction, speed of wind, quantity of precipitation, cardinal directions, tornado, day, night, updraft, water vapour content, mountain, topography, mountain range, ground precipitation, humidity, vapour, windmill, wind energy, sailing boat, windward side, leeward side, wet, dry, lightning, lightning strike, thunder, snow cover, stream, river, lake, nature, nature study, weather vane, compass, air pollution, geography

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