The Hamadryas baboon

The Hamadryas baboon

A species of monkeys with complex social structure where hierarchical system can be clearly observed.




baboon, Hamadryas baboon, monkey, mammal, Old World monkeys, social arrangements, hierarchy, omnivorous, team, klán, hárem, Africa, Asia, grassland, savannah, ülőgumó, barren rock, animal, vertebrates, biology

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silvery grey fur, they were kept as pets, 60-90 cm, 20 kg, swells up to indicate inclination to mate, social animals, single-male unit, clan, band, advanced, complex communication, social grooming, one infant every 2-3 years, the hamadryas baboon, diet: grass, fruit, nuts, insects, small vertebrates, weight: 10-30 kg, life expectancy: 25 years, their biggest enemies are humans
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