Test tutorial

Test tutorial

Let’s find out how to use the Test Editor tool.




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On-screen labels

Single, There is only one correct answer to the question., Multiple, There is more than one correct answer to the question., True/false, Decide whether the statements in the exercise are true or false., There is only one correct answer to the question, Select a template, Enter the question, Click here to open the Media library, Drag & drop an image to the exercise, and then edit it, Enter the answer options, Mark the correct answer, Customise the look of the exercise, Click on the tools in the upper left and right corners to change them, Save the exercise, Add a new exercise, There is more than one correct answer to the question, Change the template for the exercise, Set the number of answer options here, Search for images on the Internet and drag & drop them into the exercise, Click here to open worksheet settings, The exercise contains statements that are either true or false, Click on the circle in front of a statement to mark it true or twice to mark it false, Click on the arrows to go to the next exercise or the previous one, Click here to edit the worksheet, The current exercise can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon, Click here if the exercise still needs editing, Click here to undo changes, Click here to delete all your previous answers, Click here to check your results, Insert the worksheet into your exercise book so it can be used later
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