Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2 (observation)

Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2 (observation)

Separating mixtures if one of the substances dissolves in water.




mixture, separating mixtures, limestone, copper sulphate, water, components, filtering, evaporation, dissolution, physical property, solubility, dissolve, crystallising dish, solution, filter paper, funnel, chemical property, inorganic, inorganic chemistry, chemistry

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Limestone, Copper sulphate, Water, Pour the limestone granules into a crystallising dish., Add the copper sulphate to the limestone., Mix the two substances., Filter the mixture., Heat the filtrate with a Bunsen burner and observe what happens., What substance do you think is left behind? How could we separate the limestone from the copper sulphate again?, Pour the mixture into a beaker filled with water.
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