Mastermind tutorial

Mastermind tutorial

How to use the tool.




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On-screen labels

Mastermind, Mode selection, Choose from three different game modes., How to play, Learn how to use the Mastermind tool., Multi-user mode, Use the tool on a multitouch device., Mode selection, Choose from three different game modes., Set the level of difficulty here., How to play, Click on a tile to place it on the board, Click on the question mark to check your solution., The white dots indicate that some tiles are correct, but they are in the wrong place., Tiles can also be dragged onto the board., A red dot shows that a tile is correct and in the right place., Drag a tile back to the set to delete it., Each tile can be used more than once., The tool will show the correct solution after the seventh unsuccessful attempt., Generate a new puzzle of the same type., Click on the Home icon to return to the main menu., Multiplayer mode, Insert into mozaBook, Insert the Mastermind tool into your exercise book., Insert the tool into mozaBook as interactive content.
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