Hand-powered paper turbine

Hand-powered paper turbine

Let’s rotate a paper wheel with the heat of our hands.



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Here is what you need, thin paper, skewer, modelling clay, needle, Form a cone from modelling clay and place it on the tabletop., Push a needle in one end of the skewer, Push the other end of the skewer into the cone., Cut a square from the paper sheet., Fold the paper square in half along the diagonals and midlines, then open it., Place the paper sheet on the tip of the needle., Rub your hands together, then hold them below the paper ‘wheel’., What do you think?, Why does the paper ‘wheel’ start to rotate?, Explanation:, When we rub our hands together, the friction heats our hands, as well as the air directly above them., Since warmer air has a lower density, it starts to rise, and the rising air makes the paper ‘wheel’ rotate., T_hands > T_environment
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