Fiery orange peel

Fiery orange peel

When the essential oil from the peel touches the candle flame, it burns and creates a ball of fire.




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On-screen labels

- orange peel 2% essential oil, - components of essential oil:, - C10H16 isomers of terpenes, - alcohols, - aldehydes, - other compounds, - it is flammable but has never been used for heating or lighting, It is used in embalming, The Ebers Papyrus contains the description of numerous essential oils, Essential oils were also known in ancient China, The Greeks recommended aromatic baths, Uses of essential oils include:, - dry inhalation, - aerial diffusion with a fragrance lamp, - inhalation, - sauna, - aroma therapeutic bath, - aroma therapeutic massage, - aroma therapeutic compresses and skin care
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