Farewell, my dear Irena

Farewell, my dear Irena

An unbelievable story of a family that in the hope of a better life risked everything at the beginning of the 20th century.




Ellis Island, immigration, emigration, Cunard Line, Titanic, Halifax, United States of America, poverty, work, voyage, New York, register, survivor, Austro-Hungarian Empire, history, 20th century, modern age

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1876-1910, 3.500.000, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, Zagreb, 1.000.000, 1907, Juan (1903) Juraj (1904) Josip (1906), Registration card, Description of registrant, Name: Juraj Krojac, Age: 32, Marital status: wedded, Eye and hair: brown, Height: 155 cm, Profession: farm- hand, Property: 18, Dear Irena. I would not advise you to depart from Fiume with the children. Those ships provide very poor conditions for the passengers and the journey to America takes almost three weeks! Believe me. I've been there! A giant ocean liner called the Titanic leaves the port of Southampton on 10th April 1912 and the journey to New York will only take 6 days. Tickets and some money are inclosed. I will be waiting for you all here in New York. Your loving husband. Juraj
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