Animals of the polar regions

Animals of the polar regions

A video about the mammals living in the cold climate zones of the Earth, like the polar bear, seals and penguins.




polar region, polar bear, penguin, seal, mammal, bird, polar circle, tundra, jégmező, állandó fagy, predator, Arktisz, Antarctic, Bergmann-szabály, food chain, apex predator, sea, ocean, alga, webbing, animal, vertebrates, biology

On-screen labels

ARCTIC, ANTARCTIC, PERMANENT SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURES, ICY COLD WINDS, LITTLE PRECIPITATION (SNOW), Only certain species of algae exist on the ice sheets., apex predator, diet: seals, small fish, birds, DENTITION OF POLAR BEARS, Carnassial, polar bears do not hibernate, mass: 450 kg, length: 2-3 m, They can close their nostrils and ear openings., diet: fish, snails, crustaceans, double-layered, thick plumage, COMPARISON OF LIMBS, PENGUIN, HUMAN, SEAL, diet: fish, squid, crustaceans, BERGMANN'S RULE, HEIGHT (CM), LATITUDE (S), EMPEROR PENGUIN, 125 CM, GALAPAGOS PENGUIN, 50 CM
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