Buses play an important role in public transport.



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A type of settlement that has central functions.

Construction of cars

This animations demonstrates the exterior and interior construction of cars, as well as their operation.

Electric surface transport

Trolleybuses and trams are environment-friendly means of public transport


Entertaining and spectacular animation to practise orientation in space.

Maglev Trains

One of the most modern means of transport is the Maglev, capable of travelling at speeds of over 400 km/h.


The fastest track-based means of urban transport.


This animation demonstrates the construction of motorcycles.

Motorway design and construction

We can travel on dual carriageways on the motorway.

Safety equipment of bicycles

The highway code contains rules concerning the safety equipment of bicycles.

TGV POS train

The train operates between Paris and southern Germany, its cruise speed is 320 km/h.

The development of automobiles

Automobiles have evolved a lot since the late 19th century.

Transport networks

The animation presents the main air, water and land routes and transport hubs.

Environmentally friendly vehicles

Combining a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system reduces emission.

Four-stroke Otto engine

This animation demonstrates the type of engine most commonly used in cars.

Fuel cell

A fuel cell provides environment-friendly electric energy produced by the chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen.

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