Air pollution

Air pollution

This animation demonstrates the main sources of air pollution: agriculture, industry and urban settlements.



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Greenhouse effect

Human activity increases the greenhouse effect and leads to global warming.


Pollution is the detrimental effect of human activity on the natural environment.

Carbon cycle

Carbon is bound in organic substances during photosynthesis, while during breathing, it is released into the atmosphere.


Deforestation has a negative impact on the environment.

House without carbon-dioxide emission

The design and structure of modern houses play an important role in environmental protection.

Water pollution

The main sources of water pollution are industry, agriculture and urban areas.

Carbon monoxide (CO) (intermediate)

Colourless, odourless gas, highly toxic to humans and animals in high concentration.

Cement production

This 3D scene presents the steps of the cement manufacturing process.


A metropolis is a large city with a population of over 1 million people.

Nitrogen (N₂) (basic)

A colourless, odourless, non-reactive gas, it constitutes 78.1% of Earth´s atmosphere.

Nitrogen monoxide (Nitric oxide) (NO)

A colourless, heavier-than-air gas, an intermediate in the production of nitric acid.

Oil platform

A long pipe in the centre of the tower penetrates the ocean bed until it reaches the layer that contains oil.

Operation of oil wells

Machinery that pumps crude oil to the surface

Oxygen (O₂) (basic)

A colourless, odourless gas, an important component of the atmosphere, indispensable to sustain terrestrial life.

Ozone (O₃)

An allotrope of oxygen, consisting of 3 oxygen atoms.

Ozone layer

The ozone layer filters the Sun´s harmful UV radiation, therefore it is indispensable for life on Earth.

Soil pollution

This animation demonstrates the main sources of soil pollution.

Sulphur dioxide (SO₂)

Sulphur dioxide emission is the main cause of acid rains. It is an intermediate product in the production of sulphuric acid.

System of public utilities

System that satisfies consumers’ demands of water supply, wastewater disposal, electricity, heat and gas supply and telecommunication.

The structure of Earth (intermediate)

The Earth is composed of several spherical layers.

The water cycle (basic)

Water on Earth is in a continuous state of change. The water cycle includes processes such as evaporation, precipitation, melting and freezing.

Electric car

The Tesla Model S is one of the first commercially available electric cars.

Environmentally friendly vehicles

Combining a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system reduces emission.

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants convert the energy released during nuclear fission into electric power.


Plants are capable of converting inorganic substances (carbon dioxide and water) into organic sugar.

Solar power station

Solar power stations convert solar energy into electricity.

Wind power station

Wind power stations convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity.

Carbon monoxide (CO) (basic)

Colourless, odourless gas, highly toxic to humans and animals in high concentration.

Construction of cars

This animations demonstrates the exterior and interior construction of cars, as well as their operation.

Fuel cell

A fuel cell provides environment-friendly electric energy produced by the chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen.

Sewage treatment plant

Treated sewage water can be used in agriculture and industry.

Water supply system

The water supply system provides clean and safe drinking water for the consumers.

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