Structure of nitrogen molecules

This animation demonstrates the structure of nitrogen molecules, with one sigma and two...

Ford Model T

The popular model of the American automobile factory was the first mass-produced car in...

Шахматни задачи

Шахматните задачи спомагат за развиването на логично мислене.

Ancient Egyptian deities

Ancient Egyptians worshipped a large number of gods and goddesses.

Legendary buildings

A selection of legendary buildings from the history of civilisation.

How does it work? - Electron microscope

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of electron microscopes.

Electron configuration of calcium

This animation shows the electron configuration of the calcium atom.

Covalent bonds in benzene molecules

In benzene there are sigma bonds and delocalised pi bonds between carbon atoms.

Stephenson’s Rocket (1829)

The English engineer George Stephenson’s locomotive was built for a competition of...

Съветски трудови лагери (1930-те години)

Съветските трудови лагери (Гулаг) са били разположени далеч от населените области.

Wright Flyer I (1903)

The Wright Flyer was the first successful powered, heavier-than-air aircraft, designed...

Смяна на сезоните (средно ниво)

Поради наклона на земната ос слънчевите лъчи падат под различен ъгъл през годината.

Body parts

This animation introduces body parts on a male anatomical model.

Полетът на Юрий Гагарин в Космоса (1961)

На 12 април 1961 г. от съветския космодрум Байконур излита космическият кораб „Восток-1“...

Tower of London (16th century)

The intriguing history of this historic castle spans nearly a thousand years.

Viking stave church (Borgund, 13th century)

A wooden church built in the 12th-13th centuries, the best preserved of Norway´s stave...

The spread of Homo sapiens on Earth

The 'wise man' originated in Africa and dispersed throughout most of the continents.

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