Nitrate ion (NO₃⁻)

Nitrate ion (NO₃⁻)

A compound ion, the main source of nitrogen for plants.



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Nitrate ion NO₃⁻


Molar mass: 62.0 g/mol

Molecular shape: triangle

Bond angle: 120°


The nitrate ion is a compound ion bound by covalent bonds. It carries one negative electrical charge. The pi bonds are delocalized within the ion. It forms salts with metal ions and the ammonium ion. Nitrates dissolve well in water. Nitrate in water is highly toxic for babies but indispensable for plants.

Occurrence and production

The nitrate ion is formed with the removal of a proton from nitric acid. Its naturally occurring minerals are sodium nitrate (known as Chile saltpeter or nitratine) and potassium nitrate (known as saltpeter or nitre). Excess nitrate concentration in natural waterways causes eutrophication.


Ammonium nitrate is commonly used in agriculture as a fertilizer; potassium nitrate is used in fireworks and as a food additive.

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