Helicopter (BELL 206 Jet Ranger)

Helicopter (BELL 206 Jet Ranger)

The Canadian helicopter is one of the most widely used helicopters in the world.



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View from inside


  • main rotor
  • cockpit
  • landing skid
  • engine
  • tail rotor
  • trunk
  • blades

Takeoff and landing

  • climb
  • descent

Dynamic lift

  • faster air flow → lower air pressure
  • slower air flow → higher air pressure
  • lift - Since the aerofoil is asymmetrical, the air above the wing has to cover a longer distance, so it travels faster than the air on the lower side. According to Bernoulli´s principle, the pressure of a flowing gas is lower when the speed is greater, therefore the pressure above the wing is smaller than that under the wing. The difference of pressure creates lift. Lift increases with speed.


  • climb
  • descent
  • forwards
  • backwards
  • sideways (right)
  • sideways (left)
  • rotation
  • hovering

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