Athletics stadium

Athletics stadium

Several different sporting events can be held in an athletics stadium.



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Athletics is a collection of sports events that involve competitive walking, running, jumping, throwing or a combination of these. The fixed set of rules used all over the world ensure the credibility of results.
Today, athletes can choose from a range of more than 80 events.


Modern athletics appeared in ancient Greece, the word itself originates from Greek. The most popular event of the ancient Greek competitions was running.
These competitions became popular in the entire Hellenic world and the Olympic Games became the symbol of ancient Greece.

The first recorded games took place in 776 BC in Olympia, as part of a religious festival. The first winner, a man named Coroebus, won the stadion race. The stadion race remained the most popular, and at the same time the shortest track event (approx. 170-190 m or 186-208 yd).

The history of modern athletics goes back to as early as the 18th-19th century. By the middle of the 19th century, competitive athletics spread to many parts of the world.

Sports events were enjoyed and promoted throughout the British Empire. Hence, organized athletic events took place first in England, then in North America and later they spread to the rest of Europe.
The first international contest in the history of athletics was organized in America, in 1895, between New York AC (Athletics Club) and London AC. This event marked the beginning of international athletic contests.

The revival of the spirit of the ancient Olympic Games contributed to the development of athletics. Athletics was part of the Olympic Movement from the beginning. Since the first modern Summer Olympics held in Athens in 1896, athletics has been regarded as the ´queen of sports.´

In 1912, the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was founded, today known as the International Association of Athletics Federation.

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