Administrative divisions of Austria

Administrative divisions of Austria

This animation presents the states and state capitals of Austria.



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The Republic of Austria is one of the smaller and less populous countries in Europe with its area of 84,000 square kilometers (32,430 square miles) and population of 8.5 million. Austria is a federal parliamentary republic.

The administrative system of the country is divided into four levels that include the federation, the states, the districts and the municipalities. The chief executive body of the Austrian administrative system is the Federal Government, led by the Federal Chancellor.

Austria consists of 9 federal states. Each of the states has its own capital, government and parliament. State governments are headed by governors. State parliaments have certain legislative powers.

Approx. 2,100 municipalities, which have a certain degree of autonomy in providing municipal services, comprise the fourth level of the Austrian administrative system. These are led by mayors, representatives and local councils.

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